What happened?

What happened?

Tiphaine Véron went missing on July 29 2018 in Nikko, Japan, during the first few days of a trip she had been dreaming about.

In France a preliminary investigation is being carried out under the charges of kidnapping and unlawful confinement.

In Japan, Tochigi Prefecture police have been supporting the hypothesis of an accident and have concluded that Tiphaine fell into the river behind her hotel, to our family’s great despair. Indeed, the back of the hotel is not a likely place for a walk. Furthermore, thorough methodical searches have been conducted on the field along several kilometers of the river. On top of this some disturbing witness testimonies are still to be verified. The investigation cannot just stop at this point.

Our actions of over more than a year so far include 6 trips to Japan to meet local investigators and to carry out our own enquiries with private experts. All these have been funded by us, by Tiphaine’s friends and relatives, by all those who feel moved by her disappearance. We have also received the help of many Japanese people who also want to know what happened.

In this daily struggle to find Tiphaine we need your support.

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Avis de recherche de Tiphaine Veron

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