20JAN 20

First general meeting of the association in Poitiers.

13NOV 19

Creation of the association "Unis pour Tiphaine" "United for Tiphaine"

29SEP 19

Women and girls of the French community in Japan participate in the Yokohama Seaside Triathlon.

They are wearing a ‘Don’t Forget’ T-shirt in support of Tiphaine’s cause.

22SEP 19

Garage sale in Poitiers with family belongings and voluntary donations to raise funds.

Sales on a permanent garage sale went on until the end of November.

28JUL 19

A new march is organized in Nikko with family supporters on the first anniversary of Tiphaine's disappearance.


Anne & Damien travel back to Japan.

Search and rescue hunt with dogs trained to seek bodies around Nikko tourist spots with Rescue Dogs Company.


Poitiers Police chief goes to Japan along with a criminal investigation police officer to retrieve case data which had been demanded by the French Court since October 2018.


Encouraged by the French judge in charge of the case, the family hire an expert crew, Mountain Medic Events, to search critical areas of Rivers Daiya and Kinu.


On the initiative of a French student in Nikko, local Rotary members hand out flyers with Tiphaine's picture in the city's train stations.

18FEB 19

Garage sale organized by the French community in Tokyo to raise funds.

16FEB 19

Family and friends of Tiphaine launch the campaign "Drawing for Titi".

A call is issued to graphic artists and illustrators to send drawings and create an artistic chain to raise awareness and keep the investigations going.


Damien and Sibylle travel back to Japan.

Support group gathering, meeting with the police and the French Embassy, inspections on the field.

10NOV 18

A march for Tiphaine is organized in Poitiers, in the presence of Poitiers Mayor Alain Clayes and Parliament member Sacha Houillé.

02NOV 18

The family meet Alice Rufo, Asia advisor to the French Presidency.

Objective: facilitate cooperation between France and Japan.

26OCT 18

Nikko police organize a final search around the hotel and a 5km stretch along the river.

17OCT 18

Sybille calls out to Emmanuel Macron and Shinzo Abe during the press conference held at the Elysée Palace.


Damien travels back to Japan.

Intensive investigations on the field (forest, rivers, neighborhood).

14SEP 18

An official preliminary investigation on the charges of "kidnapping and unlawful confinement" is initiated in France.

13AUG 18

The local police examine the room in which Tiphaine stayed in Nikko with luminol, in the presence of the family.

The luminol identifies marks on the wall, witnessed by Damien.

No samples are taken on site or sent for laboratory analysis.

11AUG 18

The family meet the police for the first time, in the presence of the French Embassy.

10AUG 18

The police organize a search in a hiking area.

80 men are mobilized in the area of Kamangafuchi Abyss and around Mount Nakimushi.

04AUG 18

Damien, Sibylle and Stanislas, Tiphaine's siblings, arrive in Nikko.

Anne, Tiphaine’s mother, joins them a few days later.

01AUG 18

The French Embassy in Japan informs the family.

30JUL 18

The hotel owner informs the police.

Tiphaine didn’t check out of her hotel room.

29JUL 18

5 people confirm they saw Tiphaine at breakfast.

The hotel owner indicates she left the hotel around 10am.

28JUL 18

Tiphaine arrives at Nikko train station early in the afternoon.

Tiphaine walks towards her hotel and makes frequent stops to take pictures, despite carrying her suitcase. She sends several pictures to her family and friends on WhatsApp, and regrets that she cannot visit temples on that same day. Tiphaine arrives at her hotel around 4pm.

27JUL 18

Tiphaine arrives at Tokyo Narita airport.